Monday, November 3, 2008

on our last day

the memories of villa escudero will always remain in our hearts. we hope to be back again someday... thanks for the wonderful time!!!

the mexicali mocha which i ordered while at the pool...

the statue of " thank you for coming..till we meet again"...

a decorative jeepney plying the route for tourists.

the hacienda in the morn

it was a drizzling monday morn...

breakfast at the pavillon

we had our breakfast at the pavillon the following morning at 730am. the food was as usual, great! rice ( steam or garlic), tocino, omelet ( cooked right on the spot), dried fish, bread, hot choco, coffee, puto, tomato salad, choco porridge, hash corned beef... citrus passion or iced tea bottomless..


my breakfast.

see the look on their faces... andrew loved the tocino and the hot choco.. of course adriel went for his favorite.. cheese omelet.

dinner at the coconut pavillon

we had our dinner at the coconut pavillon at 7pm. the food was yummy... salad, rice, mixed veggy, fish with various sauce

this was our favorite dessert... the coconut bread pudding!!! adriel got 4. i got 5.

my serving...

the kids having their time !!!
this is the escudero power plant... the story on how this came about was written on the stone. this plant supplies the electricity of the hacienda.

swimming time

a night shot of the pool! they went in from 5-7pm...

the kids and ro went swimming after the museum trip... the pool was clean and the air was fresh.. a really great time!

some shots outside the museum

having fun!!! there is an open space here full of life size and genuine ammunitions used during the WW2.

lola charing's playground

while we were inside the museum, the kids played. this playground is located outside the museum, few blocks away...

the escudero museum

riding the carabao to the pink museum was definitely worth it. you can feel the breeze while being serenaded by the locals. children ages 7 and below are not admitted at the museum because we realized in the end that this was an antique museum.

it was kinda eerie when you enter the premise... dark, aged, smells like antique, musky... while me and andrew went inside first, the kids outside played with ro.

a bell from corregidor.

entrance to the museum.

monument of the escuderos...

lunch at labasin falls

our lunch at the labasin waterfalls was so exciting...!

the food was great! local delicacies like liempo, caldereta, pancit, salad were served.

the kids loved the waters running though their feet!!!

tapioca with fresh coconut milk and coco jelly.
a mixture of fresh squash and malunggay soup!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

our cottage apartment

on the way to our cottage apartment type...same one 8 years ago when we came here.

cottage Campupot is our abode for the stay.

a view of the radiating decor when you are on top of the bungalow.

a bamboo stairs leading to a "2nd floor" where the kids are so excited to sleep.

at the entrance

children taller than the mannequin will have to pay adult fare in an overnight stay.


the carabao ride was a fun experience for the kids!!! each carabao has a name like Rosalinda, Ligaya, Maganda etc... the carabao ride is made of wood with rubber tires. the guests are shaded by coconut leaves made into curtains. as you begin your journey, a filipina singer will enthrall you with her voice and an accompaniment of guitar. feel the breeze and fresh air as you travel down the road to your destination.